In case you haven't heard, Faggity Ass Friday is an awesome faggitylicious dance party that benefits Head & Hands' peer-based sex education program: The Sense Project. A suggested $10 donation goes directly to peer education manual printing, wooden penises (in all shapes & sizes), Health Animation in classrooms, Youth-led media projects on sexuality and so much more. At Faggity we dance to make sex education a priority in Montreal high schools and communities, since it's been phased out of the curriculum in 2005 with the Education Reform. Boo!

Faggity Ass Fridays is all about simultaneously creating and supporting Queer Community. On November 12, Nora Rohman (FAF Event Coordinator) was invited to speak on behalf of Head and Hands at a MYCAH (Montreal Youth Coalition Against Homophobia) roundtable discussion on queer youth and organizing in Montréal. She presented on Faggity Ass, and spoke about fundraising for social change, queer politics, making links to youth based activism, and dance party madness!

There are also a few new members of Team Faggity! Emily Cordeaux is a new intern on FAF, and she has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help boost promo and support the event. Her efforts have helped to wield an even larger scope of new attendees, and provided much needed support to the Event Coordinator! Emily is an important part of what makes FAF a sustainable fundraising project.

Ossie Michelin is a long time Head & Hands volunteer who has joined the Faggity team as our new door-coordinator! He helps keep the night running smoothly. Look for his smiling face at the door, and grab some free safer sex supplies from him at the next Faggity.

We are loving our home at The Playhouse; their unique stage set-up provides a band friendly and dance friendly experience. We have some big plans for the New Year. We don't want to give too much away, but keep your eyes peeled for; drag kings, dress-up themes, Nightwood, sexuality skits, burlesque, local film screenings, gay prom, old DJs, new DJs and more! The upcoming FAF dates for the New Year are January 23rd and February 20th. Come pay us a visit: shake our hands and shake your booty. Doors at 10pm.. Bring ID and no liquids. Join our Facebook group!

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