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CUTV sat down with FAF event coordinator Nora Rohman to chat about sex ed, The Sense Project, Glamourpussy, and how to stay warm with the queers.


Annnnd recent mentions in The Mirror

and Michael Musto's blog, a famous gossip columnist for The Village Voice gave us some props!

Scuse Moi? But what is this Faggity Ass Fridays you speak of?

FAF: is an awesome faggitylicious dance party that benefits Head & Hands' peer-based sex education program: The Sense Project.

A suggested $10 donation goes directly to peer education manual printing, wooden penises (in all shapes & sizes), Health Animation in classrooms, Youth-led media projects on sexuality and so much more.

At Faggity we dance to make sex education a priority in Montreal high schools and communities, since it's been phased out of the curriculum in 2005 with the Education Reform. Boo!
Come pay us a visit: shake our hands and shake your booty.

fbook group: Faggity Ass Fridays

pictured: Miss Velveeta Spandexxx, Sheniqua
Photo by Xavier T

February 20th GLAMOUR PUSS(Y)

Head & Hands and the Playhouse cordially invite you to:
Faggity Ass Fridays: GLAMOUR PUSS(Y)
Head & Hands’ Faggity dance party to support queer-positive sex ed.

Don’t you wish your Valentines Day was spent at a queer Cabaret? It’s not too late to get some February Faggity love! Join us at The Playhouse on February 20th for a night of old Hollywood glamour with a good dose of faggity ass style! Faggity Ass Fridays is proud to present “A Series of Uncoventional Love Stories”, a cabaret performance curated by Kaitlyn Prest and Kelly Escofery that will pull on your heart strings with tales of passion, cyborg love, first kisses and polyamourous sock puppets. MontrĂ©al’s best queer dance party to follow.

As always, money raised from this monthly event goes directly to the Sense Project, Head & Hands’ inclusive, holistic sex education program. At a time when STI rates are on the rise, homophobia and transphobia are ever-present, and Montreal youth still do not have access to a comprehensive sex ed curriculum in high school, supporting the Sense Project is as important as ever. For more info: www.headandhands.ca / 514-481-0277.

Faggity Ass Fridays glams it up with:
Created by Kaitlyn Prest and Kelly Escofery
'Tis a Gift to Be Simple - Armen Bazarian
Sole Mates - Bekky O'Neill and Kaitlin Prest
Movement Piece - Danielle and Kelly
Better - Linda
Sea - Shawn Thompson
Little Lady Love Story - Kaitlin Prest and Kelly Escoffery
Silent Film - Kaitlin Prest and Lara Hollway
Flamenco - Monica Coquoz and Aurelie Brunelle
Little Malinda - Nick Thayer

Performance starts at 11:00 PM sharp,
SHOW UP EARLY to get a table!

Decadent DJs Chrissy, Jack Spade + a very special guest
Hosted by the incomparable Miss Velveeta Spandexxx

dress up dress up dress up!

Friday, February 20th, 2009
The Playhouse (5656 Avenue du Parc)
$10 suggested donation; all money goes to the Sense Project