Scuse Moi? But what is this Faggity Ass Fridays you speak of?

FAF: is an awesome faggitylicious dance party that benefits Head & Hands' peer-based sex education program: The Sense Project.

A suggested $10 donation goes directly to peer education manual printing, wooden penises (in all shapes & sizes), Health Animation in classrooms, Youth-led media projects on sexuality and so much more.

At Faggity we dance to make sex education a priority in Montreal high schools and communities, since it's been phased out of the curriculum in 2005 with the Education Reform. Boo!
Come pay us a visit: shake our hands and shake your booty.
fbook group: Faggity Ass Fridays

pictured: Miss Velveeta Spandexxx, Sheniqua
Photo by Xavier T

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