FAGGITY ASS FRIDAY : Official Hanky Code

Faggity Ass Fridays’ Hanky Code!!!
Our hanky code may be a bit different, as we have tweaked it to accommodate as many folks as possible. We also simplified it, because honestly, who can tell the difference between robin’s egg blue and baby blue in dark lighting? The hanky of your choice is worn in the back pocket of your jeans. The right or left pocket gives your hanky a different significance. Are there Femmes, and dress/skirt fans out there? Jeans aren’t your thing? Just make your hanky into a bracelet and wear it on your left or right arm. Be creative! Please keep in mind that just because someone is flagging does not mean that consent goes out the window. Be respectful and have fun!

Worn Left --- Worn Right
White: Cuddle Top (big spoon) --- Cuddle Bottom (little spoon)
Grey: Bondage Top (Likes to tie you up) --- Bondage Bottom (Wants to be tied up)
Black: S/M Top --- S/M Bottom
Purple: Crusing for a Make-out Sesh --- Make-out with me
Navy Blue: Fucker (Top) --- Fuckee (Bottom)
Baby Blue: Wants oral --- Gives oral
Light Green: Daddy --- boy/grrrl
Dark Green: Role Play Top --- Role Play Bottom
Orange: Gives Hugs --- Wants to be Hugged
Yellow: Water Sports Top (Piss play) --- Water Sports Bottom (Piss Play)
Red: Fister --- Fistee
Hot Pink: Loves to give Spankings --- Loves to be Spanked
Baby Pink: Dildo Top --- Dildo Bottom
Silver: Drag King/Queen --- Loves Kings and Queens
Lace: Tits/Chest Top (likes to grope) --- Tits/Chest Bottom (feel me up)

Faggity Ass Hanky Code Night is coming...February 26th, 2010. More info coming soon!


keaton said...

Oh my, is Bruce Springsteen a fisting bottom?

gentile said...

if only it were a hanky, and not a ball-cap. i think he's still trying to send a message.